About Windows 10: Windows 10 Review

After a gap of 3 years, Microsoft is back with the new edition of Operating System and this time it is about Windows 10. Microsoft has a fabulous history of Windows Operating System but Windows 8 had left a bad taste and so most users thought to better stuck with Windows 7. So Windows 7 had been the benchmark  for all these years. The Windows 8 design was very confusing  and this is the reason why many users  are in doubt about the newest edition in the Windows family. So we decided to bring you the most exciting features about Windows 10 and we assure you after reading this review, you will be left with a positive impact about it.

Windows 10 Review

so here we go…


Yes, it is back, our very own, beloved Start Menu. It is back! But this time it has a well-designed interface. You just have to click on the Start menu which is on the bottom left corner of the Window to navigate your PC. When the team of Microsoft engineers decided (for Windows 8) to replace the Start Menu with the customized big tiles and apps, it soon became to notice that not many users wanted this overhaul of Windows.

Redesigned Start Button

But “A nod to the wise is enough”…

…and so is true in case of Microsoft. This time, Windows 10 doesn’t make the same mistake. After a much-awaited gap, the start menu has made its appearance with some useful new features. Live tiles from Windows 8 are now included on the right side of the menu and is made optional (they can be removed easily if you want to). Also having a fullscreen mode enables to have the option of Start Menu.

Even better…

A sense of continuity with Windows 7 brings the options for regularly used apps, File Explorer, Settings and a Search bar (Yippie !).


One area where Windows 10 makes a clear and thick boundary from its predecessors is in search. The search bar in Windows 10 not only loaoks for folders, apps and files on your PC but is also connected to Windows store and your browser. So it can search the web right from your desktop.

Cool, isn’t it?


Cortana is your smart and intelligent personal assistant. It will help you track your day to day activities, find things on your computer, manage your calendar. “The more friendly you get with Cortana, the more you  get a personalized experience.” says Microsoft.


To make  integration with Cortana, you have to just type a question in the search box on the taskbar. Or select the microphone icon and have a chat with Cortana. Here are some things you can say to Cortana: Tell me a joke, set my appointment on 4 pm instead of 3 pm, what’s happening this weekend?



Microsoft announced the Microsoft Edge on 17 March 2015. It will be the official replacement for Internet Explorer 11. However, Internet Explorer will remain on some editions of Windows 10 for enterprise purpose. Initially, Internet Explorer was an add-on package for the early Windows 95, later on it was available as free download or a service pack, Since then it was an integral part of  Windows OS.

Microsoft Edge Redesigned

With the decline in the usage share after the introduction of Mozilla FireFox and Google Chrome, Microsoft decided to introduce the Microsoft edge with a new graphical interface. Several new improvements have been made. Marking up web pages, redesigned look and feel, improved performance are some of the features of the new Microsoft Edge.


With the initial release of Window 7 back in 2009, the smartphones just started to mark their presence  and the iPad was still just a rumor. Who would have thought about having a software that worked across all platforms would ever be possible. But, thanks to the ever increasing mobile-centered world, this  has become a need. For Windows 10, Microsoft has announced Universal apps (or Windows Apps as they’ve now renamed them) whose sole intention is to run smoothly across your phone, tablet, PC, and even Xbox One. This means that when you buy an app, you buy it once and it’s immediately available on all your devices.

and we don’t stop here…

…next feature in line is,


And when we say Gaming…

…it brings a smile to lots of faces. One of the most popular uses for a Windows machine is – of course – games. Windows OS has a strong base for Gaming, With each passing time, Microsoft has explored  and made additional enhancements in this particular area so as to make the gamers stuck to Xbox  instead of its rivals Nintendo and Sony’s PlayStation. Microsoft has stood up well, still delivering good performance, stability and compatibility. The most obvious is the inclusion of DirectX 12, which has already seen some impressive bench testing results on a variety of gaming sites. Another game related addition in Windows 10 is that of PC Game DVR. This smart upgrade to the Xbox app allows users to record videos of their games in real time and then share it with friends. Users will also be able to play Xbox One games on their PCs by streaming across their local network.


At this stage, you might be feeling like…

Hmm !…quite interesting…

…isn’t it?

But, there’s a lot more. Now you can add a virtual desktop in Windows 10 directly. While it was also possible to add the virtual desktop to previous Operating Systems (we are talking about Windows 7 and Windows 8), Windows 10 has straight away included this feature in the Operating System. What you have to do is, click on the Task view icon located in the Taskbar and then you will be able to add a virtual desktop just by clicking the Plus sign in the bottom right corner. You can navigate between them easily, as they all share the same data and any changes made by you will be universal.


Snap Assist, Syncing desktop settings, Continuum, Refresh and Reset options are some of the worth mentioning improvements that this Operating System possesses. But a fascinating  reason to upgrade to Windows 10 is that it’s free and Microsoft has made it easy to downgrade back to Windows 8 or 7 if you are not happy with it.

How to Get Windows 10 for Free?

Well, if you have any questions/doubts regarding how to grab a copy of Windows 10 then our flow chart will help you guide on.

Know Who are Eligible to Get Windows 10

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Verdict About Windows 10

If Windows 8 has made you disappoint, then you will definitely find Windows 10 user-friendly. If not then you can downgrade your OS to your previous one. But if you ask us, the new features make it really a modern world Operating System. If you are a genuine Windows owner then you must try for this new edition. It is cool, excellent, reliable and stable. We are impressed by this new technology and we think you also will not have a bad taste of it!