5 Little Known Android Apps by Google

Google is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry when it comes to building applications. Be it Gmail, Google+, Google Calendar, Hangouts, the list is a long one. Google is just flawless in its design and functionality. But, there are some few Google made applications that you might be unknown. We will be discussing 5 Android Apps by Google that you probably haven’t heard of. Let’s dive in.


Lesser Known Android Apps by Google


Snapseed is one photo editing app that you must have on your device. It is a professional photo editing app developed by Google. Snapseed was previously available only on desktops but now it is only one-touch distance away. It offers more manual control. You can retouch, adjust perspective, re-edit and more. It has tools like Tune Image, Transform, Vignette etc and Filters such as Lens Blur, Tonal Contrast, Drama, Grunge and many more. You can edit RAW files from your camera. Snapseed has a Histogram which shows distribution of tones in the photo to help you adjust exposure. You can keep adding layers of changes as you keep altering your shot. So, instead of going for any other photo editing tool we suggest you check this app once.

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Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Remote Desktop is yet another app you must have if you constantly need to have access to your chrome browser or a Chromebook. This app lets you control a PC using your smartphone. The only requirement here is a browser extension and an app.  Chrome Remote Desktop allows you to have  access to computers for a short term basis for scenario such as having ad-hoc remote support, or a long-term basis for remote access to your files and applications. You can access the PC from Android or iPhone.  Unlike another remote desktop applications, the setup is pretty simple and easy to use.

Google Fit

“Your body is reflection of your lifestyle. Keep it fit”  and let Google also monitor it. Yes! This Android app by Google is one that is health-oriented. this Google tool tracks several activities like running distance, tracking your steps and what not! It also displays the calories you burnt and other fitness parameters. This app stores your past  record which is helpful when you want to analyze it. I will give you the reports with graphs and timeliness. One advantage of google Fit is it requires less amount of battery. So if you are looking for a health concern app, you should give it a try.

Google Gesture Search

It’s exactly what you are thinking now. As the name suggests, this android app from Google digs into your smartphone to look for content using gesture recognition. You can search from contacts, music and apps. What you have to do is draw characters or numbers one at a time, the results will appear accordingly. The search is fast so there are less chances to experience delay in getting results. This Google tool has a settings menu that will help you filter different categories you’re searching for. Also, it let;s you adjust typing speed. A very simple app and works as it should.

Androidify Me

The last on our list of Android Apps by Google is Androdify. You can create different Android characters and name them. Androidify offers tons of customization. You can select the color of your Android character, has variety of apparels, beards styles, glasses and much more. After you complete the character, you can share your character with the others. It’s fun. Try it.


Each of the Android App mentioned above has its own significance. We suggest you to give each one of them a try and decide for yourself. We are quite pretty sure that, you will find any one app that will make a place in your smartphone.