Battery Saving Apps for Android: 7 Best Power Saving Apps

Smartphones are wonderful devices which are capable of performing many tasks but they fall short when it comes to battery life. You’ve dimmed off the screen brightness, uninstalled apps that are not needed, turned off everything that you don’t need still you don’t squeeze out more power from your Android battery. After increasing the fun quotient by having the best apps for entertainment, here is a list of battery saving apps that will help you for a better battery performance.

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1. The Battery Saver App- DU Battery Saver:

What is DU Battery Saver?

A lot of people think DU battery saver is the best battery saving app for android, and they are correct. DU Battery Saver works better than most of the built-in power saving options. DU Battery Saver app has some excellent preset options and  smart modes that will help you keep your battery usage as minimum as possible. The Du Battery Saver app also has some useful widgets that helps to make things accessible. What you get in a test and what you get from the real world rarely matches with one another but all in all, DU battery Saver is one of the best battery saving apps for Android.

2. The Battery Saver App- Greenify:

Greenify is really a nice app. It was meant for just rooted devices but now can be used for anyone. Greenify is a power saving app that is used to find and shut down apps by putting them in hibernate mode. These apps will only get into action until you specifically ask to use them. Greenify will not allow apps to run in background. Apps that run in background demands for power, Greenify will help to avoid battery drain. Greenify is FREE.

3. The Battery Saver App- JuiceDefender:

Juice defender comes with 3 different modes. In addition to the FREE  version, a Plus version at $1.99 and an ultimate version at $4.99 are available. You can go for the free version to check if the app satisfies your needs then go for an upgrade if you feel you need more unique features of Juice defender such as Wi-Fi control. It comes with a pretty decent interface. The best about this battery saver app is that it can extend the battery life of your device for a loooong time. It is one of the loved battery saver apps.

4. The Battery Saver App- Battery Defender:

Battery Defender is one of the simplest and effective battery saving app for android. It is very easy to use and covers the basic very well. Whenever you disable your screen, Battery Defender will automatically turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data but still it allows synchronization of apps every 15 minutes. Whenever your battery level is getting low, it automatically disables networking. Recently, issues are reported by the reviewers with the app in Lollipop, but they are limited to some specific phones. The most reviews for battery Defender are positive. Once again it’s FREE.

5. The Battery Saver App- Battery Doctor:

Battery Doctor is useful to speed up your device, it includes built-in task killer to get rid of the apps that takes unnecessary space and power in the background. The Battery Doctor app accurately shows the information. For example, it will show you how much battery power is left after you shut down the various features of your phone. The best part of this battery saver app is that it will give you an idea about when your device will run out of power, based on usage.

6. The Battery Saver App- Snapdragon Battery Guru:

As the name indicates, this battery saver app is designed for Android devices having Snapdragon processors. Snapdragon Battery Guru doesn’t do any work, that’s because it is monitoring: it monitors how you use your phone to find out what do you do and when you do it so that it can disable the features it thinks you don’t need.  For example, when you go to bed, it can turn off your wireless radios, as you won’t be needing them when you’re asleep. If you don’t have a Snapdragon processor then this battery saving app is not of use to you but if have one then its a good choice for your phone to make it better.

7. The Battery Saver App- Easy Battery Saver:

The app that has marked it’s place in the battery saver apps for Android is the Easy Battery Saver. It works the same as DU Battery Saver app. The uniqueness of Easy Battery Saver is that it shows a quick glance of your battery levels on the main page and gives you a fair idea on how much more you can get out of it. As the name goes, this battery saver app for android is user-friendly and is definately one of the best battery saver apps for Android.

Conclusion- Battery Saver Apps for Android:

So, here goes a list of battery saver apps for android that will help you with low battery consumption. I am sure everyone will find something they are looking for. Of course, there are other ways to improve the battery performance of your Android device. Some notable to mention are:

Which Battery Saver App you use?  Tell us about them in comments.