How to Control Android Device From Web Browser

Controlling the Computer from Smartphone is nowadays possible with the help of third party applications. Thanks to the technology for making it happen for the convenience. Now, the smartphones based on Android can be controlled from the PC. With several apps, you can manage Android Device from a Web browser on the PC. It is possible to control the smartphone from your PC, access its files, videos, music, documents and do many other things from the PC browser.

Now think, you are busy doing some work on the PC and want to check your Android smartphone for an important SMS or an incoming call. So, instead of wasting time by finding the smartphone which is not near your desk, unlocking and it and then checking it, you can control it directly from another window of the web browser and do your work without getting up from the chair and the computer. It is possible with some apps; that’ll allow you to control Android Smartphone from the Web browser. In this post, I am listing some apps, which will enable you to control the Android smartphone from PC web browser.

Ways to Control Android Smartphone from Web Browser

1. MightyText

The MightyText is the Android application which is available for the use of Desktop. On the desktop, you’ve to install the MightyText Extension on a web browser to make it synchronize with your smartphone. With MightyText, you can sync the smartphone and control it from the web interface on the internet browser. With this app and extension, you can receive and reply to the SMS and MMS messages, Attend the incoming phone calls on PC, Get all type of Notifications from the smartphone to the computer,

To use the MightyText to control your smartphone from PC, you’ve to install the Extension in the Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer web browser and also the Android app on your smartphone. Once installed, you’ve to login in the smartphone app by entering Google Account login details and follow the procedure stated on the app to set up the Browser extension. After successful setup, the Browser extension and smartphone app will let you check the SMS, MMS, Calls and many other things via a simple web interface.

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2. AirDroid

I Must Say it is one of the best Application which lets you control the Android Smartphone from the web browser. It provides Easy and beautiful User Interface for controlling the Android Smartphone. Just like the previous one, this one has to be installed first on the Android Smartphone you want to use on the PC. Once installed, the Smartphone app will give you a Web address or the IP Address. You’ve to input that IP Address in the browser you are using and then follow the instructions to start controlling the Android device.

With AirDroid, you can Transfer the files between Computer and Smartphone, Receive and Attend the notifications like Incoming Calls, SMS, MMS and WhatsApp Messages. Also, you can directly reply to the Popup notification received on the desktop. There is one interesting feature of the AirDroid. It allows you to cast the Smartphone Screen on the Desktop. So, you can control the smartphone from PC with full-screen view and play games with Computer Screen. It is an interesting Smartphone app which is available on the Google Play Store for Android Smartphones.

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3. 3CX Remote Desktop App

If you have the Android Smartphone with OS version 2.3.1 or more, then you are ready to go with the 3CX Remote Desktop App. The 3CX Remote Desktop App is one of the best Remote Control apps for the Android Smartphones. Suppose, you forgot to get your smartphone while going to the office, then don’t worry. You’ve to install the 3CX Remote Desktop app from Google Play Store and Enter the IP Address provided by the App in your web browser. This app runs in the background of the smartphone, So, if you forgot your smartphone at home and had to access something important from the phone, just open the IP Address provided by the app. It’ll open the Simple Linux Style Web-based user interface for controlling the smartphone.

The IP address, which is the Login Gateway for controlling your smartphone. You should Bookmark it in your browser to access it whenever you want to control your smartphone. The Linux Like Web interface of the 3CX Remote Desktop allows you to access the SMS, MMS, Incoming Calls, Contacts, Camera, Notifications popups, Sensors, File Management and much more. If your Android Smartphone is rooted, then you can enable the root access to the app and use the Remote Control Feature by screening it on the desktop display. It is an excellent app made for the Smartphones.

Control Android Device – Conclusion

Well, it is very much convenient to control the smartphone and access almost all features from it. It is very helpful when we don’t want to waste the time in finding the smartphone which is not anywhere near your workstation, and you want to do the work with smartphone immediately. I do the same while doing some quick work, like Checking the One-Time-Password received while doing some transactions or Logging into any website account. It is not cool to waste time while working on the desktop just to see stupid SMS or a WhatsApp message sent by the irritating friend.

Just install any of the apps mentioned above and configure the Remote Control feature from your Computer. Now, you don’t need to open the smartphone and check the message or send a file on the PC. The Automatic Notification popup will inform about the incoming message or an Incoming call so we can attend it. Also, we get the access to the files and documents stored in the smartphone and download them on the PC. So, now I think you got an answer to your question “How to Control Android Smartphone From Web Browser? “. Hope you liked it and will follow it. If you face any problem while using these apps, then please share the problem with us by commenting below.