Cortana Tips and Tricks

Let’s start with what is Cortana in Windows 10? With Windows 10, the tech giant, Microsoft has introduced Cortana, its very own PDA for desktops and mobiles. It can search the web, find things on your PC, keep track of your calendar— even tell you jokes. Cortana has some very good features. In this post, we are going to cover the very best and useful Cortana tips and tricks that will surely get the best out of this feature.

Before we proceed, let’s make some points clear.

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Where Can I Find Cortana?

According to the latest update by Microsoft, Cortana  is available as a beta to all users of Windows phone 8.1 in the US (US English), China (Mandarin Chinese), and the United Kingdom (UK English).

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How Do I Turn on Cortana?

We are assuming that you have already setup Cortana, if not then just follow these simple steps to setup Cortana on your device.
Cortana’s settings.
Press the Search button to go to Cortana, and then tap Cortana’s Notebook > Settings. Make sure that the slider is enabled to ON so that you will be notified with suggestions, ideas, reminders and alerts. After you turn ON Cortana, You will see the privacy policy statement. Click ‘I Agree’ and proceed. It will then request you to enter your name. After you finish click OK. Then, Cortana will ask your permission to access the location. It will help you serve better according to your location. Click Allow. You will see the Privacy Panel settings panel. Select the apps that can use your location and then exit the Privacy settings app. Cortana is now enabled in Windows 10.

Cortana Tips and Tricks

Write Email

To write an email using Cortana, you just have to say “Hey Cortana write an email”. it will then ask you the recipient to whom you want to send the email. Here, you have to say the person’s name by which you have saved his contact in the address book.If you want to send emails to multiple recipients, you can say multiple recipients’ name by separating the addresses by “and”.
Cortana will then ask you for the subject and content of the mail. If you wish to change the content you can say ‘Make Changes’.

Make Cortana Search With Google

If you don’t prefer using Bing and are addicted to Google, you can make Cortana search from Google. You just have to get the extension Chreometna for Chrome browser. Chrometna can be enabled for Yahoo also. Chrometna will redirect the user query for all bing searches to Google. The condition here is you have to set Chrome as your default browser. Once you’ve done that you are ready to go.


Cortana can help you set reminders. It is capable of reminding you of important events. You can also command it to wake you up anytime. Just give the instruction “hey Cortana, Wake Me Up At (Yor Time)”.

Define and Translate Words

Cortana will help you find meaning and if necessary, translate a word. Suppose you don’t know the meaning of “Portmanteau”, Cortana can look for the word.

Use Cortana in Edge Browser

Edge browser is the default browser for Windows 10. Microsoft introduced Edge with new features. To use Cortana in Edge browser, open the Edge browser. Click on the 3 dotted More actions link. Click settings and on Advanced settings. I am assuming that you have correctly set up Cortana in Windows 10. Once you have done this, fire up your Edge browser, and click on the 3-dotted More actions link. Click on Settings and then on Advanced settings. Now look for the tab “Have Cortana assist me in Microsft Edge.”

Do Conversions With the Help of Cortana

Cortana is very good at conversions. You just have to give inputs and it will perform all the conversions. From currencies, length, weight to liquid quantity, Cortana can do all sorts of conversions. For example, “Convert 45 USD to INR”, ” Convert 5 Kilograms to Grams”.

Cortana Can Solve Maths Problems for You

Cortana is also good with solving maths problems. From basic maths level to average complexity maths problems can be solved using Cortana. Type the number in the Cortana search bar and the result will be displayed in the interface. It can even show solving steps for the problem. Besides the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, Cortana is useful for Average maths solving problems. For exmaple it can find real numbers or factorization.

Use Cortana All Over the World

Cortana is not available all over the world yet. If you are one of the unlucky one then don’t worry. We have a trick that will hep you get Cortana on your Windows 10. For this method to work, you have select your Country in the Windows settings as one of the supported Country, like “United States”.
To do that, click on “Settings” from the start menu and in there, click on “Time & Language“. Now, head over to “Region & Language” option and select a supported Country from the drop down list.

Eat and Drink All the Time

You love eating. Won’t you? If you are foodie always and if you like to taste something new then Cortana will help you out here. How about Cortana suggesting you some nice places close to your location. This personal assistant is really smart in keeping things on the tab.

Get the Weather Conditions Known

If you are interested in knowing the weather condition of any location, let Cortana do it for you. All you need to say is “What is the weather in (Your location)” and it will show the current weather in that area/city.


These are some of the Cortana tips and tricks which will help you make your life easier. If you get verse to it then it will surely prove to ba a constant companion. Tell us what do you think and share some some other Cortana tips and tricks if you have.