Find Out How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint

To embed a video in PowerPoint is very easy if done properly. If you are at an office meeting, imagine how effective it would be if along with images and graphical results, you will also be able to embed a video in the PowerPoint presentation. Your audience will be engaged till the end.

There are two ways by which you can insert YouTube video in PowerPoint.

Whether  to embed a video in PowerPoint or to stream the video link depends entirely on Internet connection. If you have the meeting / conference where the Internet is available then you can prefer to stream the video, else you can go for the second choice, that means, download the video from YouTube onto your computer and then embed the video in that particular slide of your presentation.

How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint With Internet

To embed a YouTube Video in PowerPoint,  as we have said, make sure you have a proper working internet connection. If you have to be the lucky chap then this option is recommended for you.

First of all, download and install the YouTube Wizard plug-in. This option will add a “YouTube Video” option to your PowerPoint Toolbar. To find the option, click “Insert” and on the far right side of the menu bar, you will see the option. You simply have to add the video URL of the YouTube video after clicking the option and follow the wizard instructions to insert a YouTube video into PowerPoint slide. You can set the size and rearrange the position of the video just like any other object on the slide.

How to Embed a Video in PowerPoint Without Internet

Though the professionals might be glad to know the technique, students might think of how they can get benefitted? No worries, the alternate approach will surely work for you, i.e. to embed a video in PowerPoint. If you have a presentation in the class where there is no internet available then use the following approach.

That’s simple, isn’t it?

How to Get Videos from Google Docs into PowerPoint

Some of you might also be thinking of how to embed a video in PowerPoint from Google Docs? Well, we have a solution to that too.

Google Docs provide an option called  “Export as PPT” if you have prepared a presentation inside Google Docs with multiple YouTube clips but the problem with this option is – it converts all the embedded clips to static images which of course in not agreeable. A simple method is to just publish Google Docs presentation as an HTML slideshow and then insert it as a web page. This way, you can play YouTube Videos even inside Google Docs presentation.


Insert YouTube Video into PowerPoint – Conclusion

So, these are the ways by which one can add YouTube video to PowerPoint to say specifically, embed a video in PowerPoint. Let us know if you liked the technique or not. Also, if you have any other way or a suggestion then let us know.