How to Set Up a Gmail Business Email With Your Domain?

For any business or an individual, email is one of the most important ways of communication today. Professional email address is the first way you make an impression upon your business clients or employer.

Professional email address is simply your email address with your business name in it. Think of it as if you own a business named ‘Sales Cart’ that is into the sale of IT equipments. Then your email address reflecting your company name will be your professional email address, example

Setting up your professional email address with Gmail Business Email is pretty straight forward. For this you need –

  1. Your own domain. For example ‘’ is your domain (company or business or individual), then your professional email address will be something like ‘’.
  2. Gmail for business service is also known as Google business email account, is a very useful service that offers professional email for small business.

Thus, when you are setting up business, setting up Gmail Business Email is one of most important step to complete. In this article, we will help you with simple and quick steps on how to setup a professional email address with Google Apps for business.

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How to Set Up a Gmail Business Email with Your Domain?

To setup Gmail Business email with your own domain, the first thing you need is your own domain or website which will be used to locate your business or you on the internet. If you do not have your own domain, you will not be able to create a Professional email address.

Here is an example to give you more clarity. Think of it as the difference in perception of your client when they receive an email from your professional email address v/s your non-professional email address does not give professional look and feel to your email address.

Considering that you already have your domain, let’s take a look at steps to create a Gmail business email step by step!

To start with, you can use its 30 days trial version for free. After using it if you are satisfied and feel that it is worth investing, you can opt for either monthly or annual subscription to have your Google business email address.

After clicking on the “Start free trial” button, a form will appear on the screen. You need to fill up the form with all essential information like name, current work email address, name of business and country/ Region (Refer the snapshot below). Once, the form is filled click on “Next” button to move to next step.

The two options in this step are,

  1. Option 1: Use a domain name you have already purchased.
    Here you need to verify that domain you specify here is owned by you.
  2. Option 2: Buy a new domain now.
    Buying new domain will cost around $8 per year, which includes automatic email setup.
    Take a look at the snapshot below.

If you already own a domain, select option 1 and if you don’t then choose option-2 (Buy a new domain now).

Snapshot above shows the screen for option ‘Buy a new domain now’.

Once you buy the domain, your email will be automatically configured by Google. Purchasing a new domain will cost you about $8/year. If this is your choice then after this step you do not need to follow this tutorial.

Snapshot below of screen for option ‘Use a domain name I have already purchased’.

Upon choosing option-1 as shown in the snapshot above, you need to enter your domain name in text box next to option ‘Your own domain’.

After entering your domain name click ‘Next’ button to proceed further.

After entering username and password, fill in captcha and accept all the terms mentioned by Google in service agreement  by checking check boxes and clicking on button ‘Accept and sign up’.

Once you click on ‘Accept and Signup’, this email ID will become your first Google business email address and it will also be your Google apps admin account.

After completing the sign-up process, Google will create a Google App business account for you. At the end, you will see completion status saying ‘setup up Google Apps for Work’. Take a look at Setup Google apps for work screen below,

In the snapshot above you can see that by now, we are done with the first step ‘Setup a business account’. There are two more steps to complete.

Once done click checkbox next to ‘I added all user email addresses currently using’ and click on the ‘Next’ button to move to next screen. Adding more users is optional.

Verification ensures that except you no one else can use Google App Service with your domain.

Done!!! You are done with setup of Gmail Business Email using your own domain.

See how simple it is to create a professional email address for your business using Google business email account.

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