Gmail Tips Everyone Should be Aware Of

Communication plays a major role in the development of a business. There are many email services available in the market but Gmail is most loved globally. Gmail is a free web-based email service provided by Google. Gmail (Google Mail), is pronounced as Gee-mail. Google offers a gigabyte of storage on Gmail for emails. Since Gmail is considered as most user-friendly and secure email service that comes up with a con that it has inbox ads but along with a pro as well, such as it offers integrated video chat.

Google Mail offers 15 GB storage in free while it’s not the highest amount of storage it offers. You can increase this limit of 15 GB by paying some fee.There are some features that perhaps you haven’t tried besides sending/receiving emails, sharing spreadsheets, presentation, and documents on Google Mail. Well, in this article you can check some Gmail tips that you should try today.

Never Before Heard Gmail Tips to Give a Try

How to Set Up Gmail Vacation Responder

Who doesn’t love going on vacations? I think everybody loves it. Taking some break from work can increase your productivity and vacation always has been proven good for human’s health since it lowers the risk of heart diseases, gives you a stress-free environment where you can peacefully live. So, in case there is no internet accessibility on your vacation place or you want to get rid of emails for some time then you can use Gmail’s vacation responder.

Gmail Vacation responder will respond back to the people who have emailed you. Gmail Auto reply is a great feature at this time when you can’t answer to the people during your vacation period. Now, you might be thinking that how to set up out of office in Gmail? Well, the following are the steps to set up a vacation response in your Gmail settings.

How to Create a New Folder in Gmail

If you are frustrated with different types of emails in one single box then you need not worry, you can create folders in Gmail to arrange your emails. Arranging emails has been made easy with feature like ‘label’ and you can put some labeled emails in a particular folder. Now the question might be striking that how to create a new folder in Gmail. Here are some steps to create a folder in Gmail.

Gmail Full Site Login (Desktop Version) On Mobile

A popular webmail provider, Gmail can be logged into Gmail full site on your smartphone device including Android, iPhone, iPad etc. Although a company always develops two versions of a website, one is web version and the second is a mobile version. For better user interface, Gmail has developed Gmail mobile app for smartphones, but if people wish to access the desktop version of Gmail on their mobile devices then there are some steps through which Gmail mobile site can be viewed in desktop version:

How to Send an Email to All Contacts in Gmail

Do you want to email to all contacts in Gmail but no idea that how to do it? Don’t worry, It’s easy to do. You can send any important email to all people of your contact list without entering their names, one by one. You perhaps never heard about this inbuilt feature of Gmail that permits you to send or forward an email message to all people in one time. The following are the steps to do so:

So the above steps are an answer to your question that how to send an email to all contacts in Gmail.

Find the Person Behind an Email Address

Just imagine you received an email from a person with whom you never interacted in your life and you want to know about the person without asking him/her directly. If the email sender doesn’t have any website or the email address is not on public forums, then Google can be helpful. If you just have an email address of the person but no more other information, then these are the ways to find the person behind an email address.

So, above mentioned Gmail tips are very effective. You can try them anytime.