Facts About Google You Should be Aware of

“Did you know?” is a very common term that is used to describe or tell amazing facts about something.

It increases your curiosity to know about something even more. The first thing that we do today is “Google it”. Google is your one-stop-shop for all your answers but what if told you that there is a lot about Google which you may have never heard or seen about.

Google is the brainchild of Sergey Brin and Larry Page. The two geniuses met at Stanford University in the year 1995. The company was founded on September 4, 1998, and has become one of the most popular search engine in the world. It is a web search engine that enables you to search other websites based on keyword search. It also offers many specialized searches through blogs, catalogs, videos, news items and much more. Today Google has social networking tools, organization tools, and chat tools, services for mobile devices, and even Google branded merchandises. The peach about all these Google services is that most of them are free and Google’s revenue comes from Internet advertising. Here are lists of Unknown facts about Google that will really amaze you.

Facts About Google that are Unknown

• Google’s first tweet was “I’m 01100110 01100101 01100101 01101100 01101001 01101110 01100111 00100000 01101100 01110101 01100011 01101011 01111001 00001010”, which meant ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ in Binary.

• As per the website, Google’s goes with the mission of organizing the world’s information and “make it universally accessible and useful.”

• In the beginning, the Google Search Engine was called BackRub while it was in its testing Mode. Then it was renamed as Googol meaning one followed by hundred zeroes. But due to an accidental error by Google’s founders, Googol got miss spelled as Google accidentally.

• The only reason why you see such a bare and white Google homepage is because the founders didn’t know HTML and wanted a quick interface.

• Google became the world’s largest search engine in the year 2000.

• Google was added as a verb by the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) in the year 2006.

• Klingon became one of Google’s 72 language interfaces in the year 2002.

• Google is most visited internet website globally as per Alexa.

• Due to the shortage of the homepage, in early user tests the company noted that people were just sitting and looked at the screen. After a minute of silence, the tester intervened and asked the users ‘What’s up?’ to which the users replied, “We are waiting for the rest of it”. To get this problem sorted out Google Copyright message was inserted to act as a crude end of page marker.

• Google revolutionized the search usage when it introduced the much-improved spell checker which gave birth to the “Did you mean…” feature. This feature instantly doubled their traffic and more searches online.

• The infamous “I feel lucky” is nearly never used. But it was found in trials that removing this button would somehow reduce the whole Google experience. The users wanted the company to keep it and it was just a comfort button.

• Google makes certain small and frequent changes all the time. At times they trial particular feature with a set of users from a given network subnet. The users aren’t told about this but a close watch is kept to monitor their feedback.

• Google today has the largest network of translators worldwide.

• Google makes use of the 20% / 5% rules. If at least 20% of people use a feature, then it gets included. After that, a minimum of 5% of people needs to use that particular search preference before it makes into the ‘Advanced Preferences’.

• Google has found that a small number of people are very typical of the larger user base. So they run labs continuously to monitor how people use a page result.

• Before its launch, Gmail was used internally for almost 2 years. The team identified that there were about six kinds of mail users and Gmail was designed to accommodate all these 6.

• You will be surprised and relieved to know that Google listens actively to all the user feedbacks. You can be sure that Emailing Google isn’t emailing to an empty seat or a black hole.

• The employees at Google are encouraged to give 20% of their time working on their own projects. Google News, Orkut are some examples of projects that grew from this working model.

• Google believes that employees should not go out of 150 meters from the office for food so it provides various different varieties of cuisines to the employees inside the office.

• The first Google Doodle was a stick man standing on the company logo. It was just an announcement that the founders were going to attend burning man in the year 1998. What started as a fun indulgence went on to become a creative obsession.

• You will be shocked to know that Google might be the only company with the overt goal of reducing the time people spends on its site.

• Till today Google has photographed more than 5 million miles of roads for its Street View maps.

• A staggering, over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube – that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth.

• Google has a Company DinosaurBy all accounts, there are many wondrous sights to be seen at the Googleplex, but one of the most arresting is surely the gigantic T-Rex skeleton – nicknamed “Stan” after a “real” dino found nearby – that looms menacingly at Googlers in Mountain View.

• Joining Stan in the unique campus decorations is a scale replica of the SpaceShipOne enormous Android-themed models, pink flamingos, a large LEGO man, Google-colored phone boxes and grown-up size ball pits. One thing seems for sure – just like the company itself – life at the Googleplex must be far from dull.

So the next time you look at Google, just think of these amazing facts which you had earlier not heard of.