11 Google Now Tips You Need to Try Today

The Google Now is a clear competitor of Apple’s Siri. Google Now is Android’s inbuilt voice assistant, which will help users to do numerous tasks with just a single voice command. Google Now gathered very much popularity amongst Android users because of its simplicity and usefulness. If you own an Android smartphone, then you can easily use these tips to improve your experience with Google Now. Here are the top 11 tips to use Google Now or OK Google feature effectively.

11 Tips to Use Google Now!

Enable ‘OK Google’ Feature

The best feature of Google now is ‘OK Google’. After enabling this feature, you can easily give voice commands to Google Now. To enable the ‘OK Google’ feature, you have to open Google App on your smartphone, Go to Settings > Voice > OK Google Detection. Now, you can slide the toggles and enable the feature.

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Use ‘OK Google’ Voice Commands

There are plenty of ‘OK Google’ commands. You can use them after saying ‘OK Google’. For example, ‘OK Google, take a selfie’ or ‘OK Google, open WhatsApp’ etc. These commands will help you to do tasks just by voice commands.

Use Google Now in Multiple Languages

If you are not a native English speaker, and want to use Google now to get expected results in your mother tongue, then you can enable ‘Multiple Languages’ features.  To enable this feature, Go to Google App > Settings > Voice > Languages and then download as many language packs you want.

Launch Apps from Google Now

With just a single voice command, you can launch any of the installed apps in your smartphone. Say thanks to Google Now. To use it, you have to tap that ‘Recorder’ button on the right side of the search bar and then give your voice command, like, “Launch Opera Mini” or “Launch Asphalt”, etc.

Track Courier Packages and Flight Status

If you have ordered something from any online shopping site or have booked a flight, then Google Now can show you the details of that flight or package. For that, you should have the same Gmail account connected, from which you ordered or booked anything. Google Now will look at your Gmail inbox and will start showing you the details.

Get Song Info

If your favorite tune is playing somewhere, but you want to get the details of that tune/song, then you can ask Google Now for the answer. Just open Google App and give a voice command, ‘Which song is playing?’Google Now will listen the song and will come up with the answer of your question.

Set Reminders

Google Now helps you to set reminders to do different tasks. All you have to do is type or speak “Set a Reminder” in Google App. Google Now will bring a reminder console for you and you can set reminders for doing certain tasks. Also, you can set up location based reminders.

Check Temperature of Your City

Location based reporting is the best feature of Google Now. If you have GPS enabled, then Google Now can tell you the current temperature and prediction of weather. Just type “Current Temperature” in the search box and you’ll get the info.

Use Inbuilt Translation

If you are roaming in another country and you need to talk in local language, then you can use Google Now to translate anything from English to the selected language. Like, you can speak “OK Google, How do I say Thank You in French?” and it will tell you via voice command how to speak “Thank You” in French.

Check Your Photo Albums

With Google Now, you can check out your photo albums easily. With a single command, Google Now collects your photos from Google Plus albums or albums from local storage. Just type or speak “OK Google, show my photos from my album”.

Set Relationships with Your Phone Contacts

If you get confused between many phone numbers, you can assign them separate names using Google Now. Like, if you want to tag someone as your best friend, then just say “OK Google, set Mahesh as my best friend” and from that moment, Google Now will recognize it as your Best Friend. Also, you can give command “OK Google, send a hello to my ‘Best Friend’” and your friend will receive a “Hello” from you.

So, these were some of the best and useful Google Now tips for you. These tips can help you properly utilize the power of Google Now and save your precious time.