Reasons Why I Love You Google So Much

The phrase ‘Google it’ is heard or used by most of the people these days which has become synonymous with searching for possible answers on the internet with just a click. Google has attained number one position in the list of best search engines in the world. It acquires almost 75 percent of global search engine pie. According to many sources, Google is the world’s most popular search portal. It has become a part of our daily life. Google helps us in many things instantly whether we need to find any word’s synonym, antonym or any book, video, PPT anything, it makes it available to us in seconds. Sometimes, countless attributes of Google make you say that I love you Google.

Google has a vast amount of information available in the form of hyperlinks. Most of the users are satisfied with the Google results. It has improved its algorithms so that you can experience most appropriate content. Gone are the days when you had to type queries on Google but today your voice will be listened by Google Search app and will show you quick results based on your query. Voice search works in 38 languages all around the world. It has several features helping you in a day to day tasks. According to a recent news, commuters would be able to book cabs from Uber and Ola directly from the Google search app or mobile search browser. It means you won’t need to download the app to get the cab. In this article you can find the reasons that why do people love google.

Google Map has become a personal navigator to most of the people. It guides you to reach an unfamiliar place with the support of flights, local transport including buses, cabs, and metro. Suppose you are going for any government examination or for any new company’s interview or on a research tour so in that case, you might need a help of somebody who has either gone there or have knowledge about the place. Google Maps is a blessing which makes you reach your destination through suitable transport and routes.

History based search can be an issue of privacy and safety too but from the usability point, it’s a great feature. Google Personalised searches were officially introduced in the year 2005 to users who have Google accounts but in 2009 it launched this feature to all the users. By tracking search results what Google tries to do is to present the most relevant and useful content to the users. All searches on Google are associated with a browser cookie record and then Google attempts to show the results not only on the basis of each web page’s relevance but also on the history of users’ visits to some particular website. And this facilitates user with more personalized experience.

Every person wants to grow his/her business whether it is a small, medium or big sized. Communication and marketing in any business play a dominant role in the development of a business. Communication can be through phone calls, messages, emails, meetings etc. Since some years one of the instant forms of business communication is email.

Email service has increased the speed of communication with your clients and customers, despite large distance between both parties. You can send and receive important documents, presentations online through email. Gmail is an email service of Google which is loved by most of the users. Gmail is free, available for all people globally with a good accessibility and with lots of features including Google Drive, contacts, folders, labels. These characteristics of Gmail makes us fall in love with Google products and services.

Google Drive is a file storage service provided by Google where you can upload your documents, movies, photos, spreadsheets, presentations. Google Drive encompasses Google Sheets, Slides, Office Suit, Docs, Drawings, Forms and much more. It was launched on 29th of April, 2012. It has more than one million individual users. Google Drive offers you 15 GB of space to use. This 15 GB storage space is completely free. However, you can increase this space if you need more but for that, you will have to pay. Upgrading 15 GB storage to 100 GB you would need to pay Rs.130 per month ($1.95 monthly). And if you have a requirement of 1 TB storage space on Google Drive then you will have to pay Rs.650 monthly ($9.75 per month). Although 15 GB storage is sufficient for normal usage.

Along with Google Maps, Personalised Search Engine, Gmail and Google Drive, Google Translator is also one of the best features Google has launched for the benefit of common man. Google Translator is a free multilingual translation software available online. It translates text and speeches. It is a ubiquitous tool that translates a word into another language in 0.8 seconds. Google translator can translate in more than 70 languages.

This app is very convenient when you are traveling to foreign countries. Going among foreigners make your separate if you can’t communicate with them easily. So if you have Google translator you can easily communicate with them as this tool has an audio option too so that you can hear the pronunciation of a translated word.

We are living in a golden age of web browsers and Google Chrome is a champion. Google Chrome a freeware web browser, developed by Google and loved by us. It was first launched in 2008. Google Chrome is a web browser, fastest, powerful and adaptable one. Google Chrome is used in most of the android phones and on computers. Who doesn’t love Google chrome? Everybody is a fan of it. It has many features such as super clean contextual menus,it reopens the website tabs that were closed by mistake, recall forgotten passwords, cover up your tracks, Mute noisy tabs etc. It simplified the user interface and it is available for all devices from phone to computers, tablets etc.

The advertisement is a great way to promote your product online and offline. Those days have gone when people used to do advertisement through newspapers or magazines only. But is the era of online marketing. As most of the people from teens to old are present online on social networking sites, everybody surf internet for their queries, entertainment, shopping, and study. Online shopping has become a great hub for fashion lovers and to get international variety. Google launched AdMob which helps you earn from your applications. The apps that you have created and are quite useful for several people then you can earn through your apps. Another way to earn through online is AdSense, a huge number of bloggers earns their pocket money through websites and by using AdSense. Many Google AdSense Millionaires are earning name and fame along with the money and saying ‘we love you Google’.

Google+ is a social network where you can add your friends and talk to them, share videos, images, events, status everything. It came into existence in 2011 by replacing Google Buzz. It is available in Multi languages. It enables us to add friends in a circle, make groups. Google plus is a powerful site for marketers. The larger and influential your Google network is; the more search results you can affect. It works as a social media platform, a technology, and made for marketers.Google Plus also has an option of a hangout, where you can chat with your friends, relatives, online discussion meeting with clients on camera or off camera. You can chat with up to ten people at one time.

You can create Company Page online for your web presence on this social networking page. You can also integrate Google Maps with your business online that can boost up your sales. Create communities online on G+ which is like LinkedIn. Use Hangouts on Air for a promotion of your business or product.

Google News is a free computer generated news aggregator offered and operated by Google. It collects thousands of news world widely and presents before you to make you aware that what’s happening around you. Google news is not for specific language region but for several people in different languages. It can provide your personalized news, alerts, feeds etc. Stay awake with Google News.

Who hasn’t used Blogger, once in a life? The new generation must have tried it at least once, including me. You can create your personal blog, informative blog, or community blog online through Blogger is basically a blog publishing service that lets you create posts and publish them, express your view or opinion online through this blogger platform. This service is of Google which was launched in 2003. Usually, blogs are hosted at a subdomain of although you can host your blog with a registered custom domain of the blogger. A person can have up to 100 blogs per account. It allows its users to use custom domain free of charge while WordPress charges $13. So how anyone does not love Google for so many services?

You can create any document with Docs service. It’s just like MS Word. You can find all options that you may need to write any article, essay, letter.

It’s a trend these days, we can’t share our diaries or registers with people but spreadsheets. In big companies, Google’s spreadsheets are used by SEO teams and another department to make a list of tasks to be done by others. Specially keyword related lists are created in spreadsheets and are shared through Gmail.

Conclusion – Reasons Why I Love You Google

Google is a Multinational Company that provide lots of online services to the users and most of the profit made by Google is derived from AdWords. There are 12 reasons I have mentioned above that why we are in love with Google. I personally often says it that I love you Google, after using the services.Google hasn’t left any area where it hasn’t created its services, from books to traveling, everywhere Google dominates on the internet. But yes services are fantastic and very useful to people. Keep it up Google, love you Google.