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On 28th May 2015, Google unveiled that Android ‘M’ will be Marshmallow, the new mobile operating system that will be joining the list of Android Operating Systems. Google announced the roll out of its latest version of  mobile operating system Android Marshmallow at a special event on 29th September for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 6 phones. The final version will be available in market after 3 developer previews after chalking out the bugs.

But before I jump into the details, let me clear out what we are going to share here…

Android Marshmallow Release:

On 29th September, Google announced that Android Marshmallow will be available for existing nexus devices – Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 7 and nexus player set-up box. The LG Electronics made Nexus 5X, The Huawei Nexus 6P will come with Android Marshmallow straight out of the box. For other handsets, when will you get the update depends upon the manufacturer.

The Android Marshmallow Features:

Dave Burke, VP Engineer (Android) at Google unfolded the six core Android Marshmallow features. On 29th September 2015,Google’s Website for Android Marshmallow went live. Burke outlined some extra features for the Android Marshmallow.

So let us start with the core features that Google announced for Android Marshmallow (Don’t worry, will cover the extra features too!)

1. Smarter Batteries:

We all hate battery drain outs. Android Marshmallow will add a relief to this pain. A new function called Doze will help you to improve device standby time. With the help of motion detectors, Android will recognize when a device has not been interacted for a while. So when your phone is at rest, Doze will automatically put it into sleep mode. So your phone can still set up an alarm for you, even if you forgot to charge it.

You know what Dave Burke revealed?

Here’s the thing:

Google team has tested two Nexus devices, one running Lollipop and the other running  The Android ‘M’ preview and learned that the later provides up to twice as much stand by time.

Android Marshmallow supports USB Type-C, which helps in faster charging and lets user to charge other devices with their phone.

2. Mobile Payments:

Android Pay is the Google’s relaunched mobile payment system that is aimed to make the checkout process easier and faster. Google had a tough luck in the mobile payments market and now, Google is aiming to provide the simplicity and security via Android pay by making it as one of Android Marshmallow features. Android Pay  platform is supported by American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

3. Apps Link:

Consider this:

You could be well aware of the ‘Open With’ option which appears when you try to open a link from an Android device. you might be asked if you want to open the link with UC Browser or, with Chrome, for example.

App links are being changed in Android Marshmallow. Now, Android 6.0 has a great awareness about which app can open directly.

Let me explain what I mean.

Suppose you want to open a Facebook link in an email, then you can open it directly without being asked if you want to use Facebook to view it. OK, I know what you’re thinking…

What’s the big deal here? But it’s  representative of Google’s attention to detail. Android 6.0 will be easily usable without many of us even wondering why?

4. Web Experience:

Google has now become very serious towards consuming the web content to provide a better user experience when it comes to websites and apps.  “Chrome Custom Tabs” is one such new feature that gives the developers a complete control over the capabilities of the Chrome Browser, while still keeping control of the look and feel of the experience.

The Chrome Custom Tab allows to open a custom tab on top of the active app, instead of launching the Chrome app separately. It will help for a better and faster user experience as it will become esy to switch between the  apps and the web.

5. Fingerprint Support:

Android Marshmallow will provide support for fingerprint scanners. This is not only limited to unlocking the phone but to make purchases online or within Play Store.

Of course,  your device needs a hardware in order to  be able to support the fingerprint scanner. But with Google’s support, we can expect to see this feature on many devices.

6. App Permissions:

“App Permissions”, one of the most anticipated feature will be there in Android Marshmallow.  Now, you will be able to grant permissions to apps if to access any particular device function.

Let me explain what I mean…

If an app is trying to access the phone camera or microphone, the system then prompts you by saying this app wants to access the device’s camera or microphone and it will ask you the question “Would you like to allow this”?

OK, I know what you’re thinking…

Here’s an example: If you want to send a voice recording on Whatsapp, the system would give you a prompt message saying Whatsapp is trying to access the device’s microphone. This means that you don’t need to agree to have permissions from app which will not make sense to you. Just go to Settings and manually turn ON or OFF the permissions at any time. This will enable a user the complete control over an app.

7. Improved Cut, Copy and Paste:

When you select a text on an Android device, what you have to do is to select one icon from some confusing icons. Figuring out what they will do takes a trial-and-error. The Android Marshmallow now will come with the words ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’ & ‘Paste’ that will float above the text. This will result in the process being simpler.

8. Auto App Data Backup:

The Backup features is one that was missing from Android since its history and it looks like that Google had looked into the matter. Android Marshmallow will set up an automatic backup for apps and app settings and this backup will be stored in your Google Drive’s storage. There will be a limit of 25Mb per app and the good news is it will not consider the storage space of Google Drive.

Want to know more?

The backup will happen once a day and will run only when the device is idle and will work when it is connected to a Wi-Fi only to avoid data charges.

Think about what this means: After you change your phone or reset the device and you reinstall apps, you can load all your data conveniently. This Android Marshmallow feature will also work with apps that have been purchased from the Play Store.

Deep in Android Marshmallow Features:

Let’s dig in deep to find out some more Android Marshmallow features-

Android Marshmallow UI:

One of the immediate visual changes made in Android 6.0 is the new App Drawer. Instead to scroll horizontal, now it scrolls vertically and has a white background instead  of  a muted shade of your homepage wallpaper. The most recently used apps are shown across the top of the menu.

RAM Manager Android Marshmallow:

With Android 6.0, Google will aim to provide users with more accurate and comprehensive information regarding maximumRAM usage of apps. The menu can be found in Settings > Apps > Options (three dots button) > Advanced > Memory. this will help you have a clear insight about how much memory demands and the overall effect of the app on your device. It will eventually help users to decide upon which apps to remove to increase performance and battery life.

Android Marshmallow Theme:

The first developer preview of Android Marshmallow had a ‘Dark Theme’ option. It transformed the menu background to dark gray color instead of the boring pale shade. But this only affected the settings menu and not the app drawer. But in the second developer preview, the ‘Dark Theme’ was removed. There is a doubt about if the removal is permanent or not. But whatever the case may be, the dark theme looked good and let’s hope it will get it’s place back in the final preview and not only for the settings menu but for the overall look.

Android Marshmallow Wallpapers:

While there is no Android Marshmallow theme available yet, this might be because the Android 6.0 looks pretty much same as Lollipop. However, you can get the latest Android Marshmallow wallpapers to get the look and feel.

Here’s the link:

Android Marshmallow Wallpapers

Android Marshmallow Features: Conclusion

These are some of the highlights for Android Marshmallow features. Overall, Google will bring some much needed and polished improvements and features with the Android 6.0.

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