Octa Core VS Quad Core – What’s the Difference?

Back in 2014, Octa Core vs Quad Core war was not a big deal. Not so long ago, having a mobile was considered to be a very prestigious thing. But as the competition between the mobile brands got ugly, the price of smartphones dropped and was available in one’s pocket. Now, even a school going student can be seen flashing a really impressive device. A decade ago, people used to prefer buying mobiles seeing the advertisement on TV not aware, or let’s put it in the right words – less interested in different aspects of the phone. Back then, the biggest confusion was of octa core or quad core.

The aim of this article is to familiarise you with the terms octa core and quad core. We will mark the difference between octa core and quad core that will help you make a better decision among the two. So let’s get started.

Octa Core vs Quad Core – The Difference

It would not be an exact exaggeration if we say mobiles now have become a mini version of a computer. Just like computers, mobiles too have processors inside them. Basically, processors have the responsibility of executing tasks and processes. We will not go into the details as our primary motive is to enclose the confusion for quad core vs octa core.

To put in simple terms, octa core has double the cores of a quad core processor.  But if you think quad core processors are much better than octa cores, then hold on!

It’s not just about numbers.

If we classify these two terms based on numbers then octa core has eight different processors. On the other hand, quad-core has only four processors. But, it not at all mean octa core is much more powerful than quad core.

Quad Core vs Octa Core – Let’s Uncover the Fog

What’s the point of having two sets of quad core processors when most of the task is handled by only one set?

A wise question…isn’t it?

The truth (bitter) is, there has been an immense improvement in the field of processor technology. You do not need this amount of processing power for the vast majority of smartphone tasks. Checking our messages, navigating through the home screens and web surfing is all we do and these tasks are not power hungry. Photo manipulation, high graphics intensive games, HD videos are power hungry tasks. As compared to the technology growth in CPUs, the smartphone battery section has not been very commendable. So, the more powerful the CPU, the more power it will be in need of the device battery.

The Battery Life – A Thing that Matters

Let’s debunk a myth here.

As we have said, the processor is the largest battery consumer resource. Let us take two cases where in the first case, 4 processors are working simultaneously and in the second case, 8 processors are working simultaneously. Most of the people will say – battery consumption in the second case will be higher. But, to the surprise, it is actually a hypothesis because you will not be having all the 4 processors or 8 processors working at the same time. Still, you might see a battery drain in octa core processors, a serious problem because of no growth in battery performance as compared to processor technology.

We now hope that you have got the answer to the question – the difference between octa core and quad core. It does not matter how many cores a processor has as long as the app/device is able to manage it properly.

Conclusion – Octa Core vs Quad Core

As of now, there are not many Android apps that fall into a category but soon, we will have them. So till then, it is wiser to go for a quad core processor instead of octa core. Marketers have constructed a myth to make it a fight – Quad Core vs Octa Core. But in reality, we should not always focus on numbers while picking the processors.