How to Organize Gmail for Better Use

Gmail is a web-based email service provided by Google Inc.  There is no trepidation in opening a Gmail account. The real dread starts when your inbox starts flooding with emails and you are left with no clue as to how organize Gmail inbox of yours for better use. Here we present some of the tweaks that will help in organizing your inbox so that you cam manage your Gmail inbox effectively. Let’s start-

Account Permissions

Numerous applications ask permission to access your Gmail account. If you notice some suspicious activity in your Gmail, it is never too late to look into your account permissions to check what apps have which access. Just do a CTRL+F and search for Gmail to see what apps have access.

Authentication Icon

A good way to authenticate verified sender is to enable Authentication icon in Gmail Labs. This will help you identify fake messages that are often sent by spammers in the name of companies like Paypal, ebay and many more. This Gmail feature will add an extra authentication against phishing, spamming and other hacking attempts on your account.

Canned Responses

Canned responses can help you make a template copy of the message that you use very often. Canned response feature will help you to avoid composing the same message multiple times. instead you can save the message as a canned response and use it later on whenever you want. It actually saves the template as a draft and lets you use the same whenever you need it.

A better trick  is to use filters and canned response in conjunction to automate the process of responding to same messages. For Canned Responses to work, you have to enable them at Gmail Labs option.


At the bottom of your Gmail inbox you will see link for Details. When you click the link you will see the latest Gmail access activity. If you suspect that someone or something like an app has unauthorized access to your Gmail account, you will come to know it by monitoring the Account activity

Advanced Search Operators

Like Google, Gmail also has advanced search ability. Gmail is equipped with advanced search operators that you can use to find specific emails or to set up filters.

Gmail for Business

Google for Business is something you can think for. You can have access to other Google suite applications. Here’s the video to elaborate the concept of Gmail for Business.

Google Mail Checker

If you want to get notified whenever you receive a mail then Google Mail Checker extension for chrome is good option for you. It adds a nice button to your browser that will notify you whenever you receive an email. But let us warn you that it is affect your productivity as it will make you want to check email often. But yes, if you are expecting some important mail then you should give this extension a try.

Keyboard Shortcuts Will Help to Organize Gmail Better

Keyboard shortcuts in Gmail will let you work faster. in addition to shortcuts that are very much similar to shortcuts in MS Word. Here is a complete list of keyboard shortcuts for Gmail.

Gmail Offline

Did you know that you can have access to your inbox even if you are offline. Gmail Offline is a feature for Google Chrome that will help you manage Gmail inbox even when you are offline. Using this  extension you will be able to read, respond to and archive emails. The tasks will be completed once you are online again.

Set the Priority for Your Inbox

You can customize the inbox layout of Gmail. The Gmail inbox has a default layout. The inboxes are tabbed. Primary, Social, Promotions, Forums, Updates etc are some of the important sections. Other than the default layout, there are other layout that you can use to customize your inbox. Three layouts that put different types of messages first- ‘Important’, ‘Unread’, ‘Starred’ and a ‘Priority’ inbox that sorts mail based on importance. If you like to have things organized separately then the default layout is much better. But before settling to the default layout, just give a try to the other custom layouts until you find the one that fits the best for your needs.

Click the cog button, go to Settings, click Inbox tab, look for the Inbox Type option.  Under the Inbox type, use the drag down to select the type of inbox you want.

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Choose Which Labels to Show

You can choose to display only those labels that are important to you or are frequently used in the left-hand side column.

Click the cog button, go to Settings. Now click on the Labels tab, you will see a list of labels- System Labels, Categories, Circles and lastly the labels that you have created. Under the column of “Show in label list” you can manage to show, hide or “show if unread”. Select the appropriate one and click “Save Changes”.

Organize Gmail Inbox Using Filters

If used wisely, Filters can help you organize Gmail inbox. It is a very powerful feature if you use it creatively. Other than using the basic filters – message filtering from a particular sender or domain name and sending them to a predefined folder, here are some of the ideas you can use that will help you organize Gmail inbox of yours.

Make Use of Aliases Wisely

Address aliases can be effective when it comes to organizing the Gmail inbox. Add “+any.aliases” to your email address (After your username but before “”). For example sending a message “” is the same as sending a message to “”. you can set up a filter so that you can sent the important messages straight to your priority inbox.

Add a Preview Pane

With preview pane option, you can sort emails in your inbox quickly, without having to open each one.

To add a preview pane, click the cog button, go to Settings, select the Labs tab. In the Labs tab, look for Preview pane and click “Enable”. Click “Save Changes” and head back to your inbox. You will now see a small Preview Pane button next to the cog button. Hit the button to toggle the preview pane on or off. Either way click the downward pointing arrow to choose “No Split” (preview pane off), “Vertical split” or “Horizontal split”.

Delete Old Attachments

Google offers 15 GB of free space. This space is shared between Gmail, Google Drive and Google + photos. If you are facing problems regarding the storage, deleting old emails with large attachments is an easy way to free up space.

To find the message that have large attachments, click the downward arrow to perform advanced search. Now to search for the emails that have a larger attachment, check the box that says “Has attachment” and click search. To search for emails that have larger than certain size, select “greater than” option, enter the size in bytes, kilobytes or megabytes and click search.

Create Nested Labels

To organize Gmail for your personal use, you can also create sublabels or nested labels. This will enable you to categorize message with more details. For example, Instead of creating the label “Work”, you can create nested label “Projects”. This means, “Work> Projects”.

To create a sub label, select a message and select the “Labels” button. Click “Create new” and enter the sub label you want to create. To make it as a sub label, check the box marked “Nest label under” and choose a parent label from the drop-down.

Enable Right Side Chat

you can see how many of your friends are online right from the dashboard. The right-side chat which is another Gmail Labs feature allows you to do so.

To enable right-side chat, go to cog button, Settings and click Labs tab. Under Labs tab, look for the feature named “Right-side chat”. Click Enable and hit “Save changes”. You will see the chat list in the right side of the screen.

Color Code Labels

Labels prove to be very useful when it comes to sorting and categorizing inbox messages. But, it becomes hard and at times confusing if you are staring at a colorless set of labels. Luckily, you can assign colors to your labels so that they will become visually live.

To do this, move your mouse to the left column and hover  over a label you want to color-code until you see a small downward-pointing arrow appear. Click the arrow and you can add standard color or customize your own color scheme.


Well, we hope this tweaks will prove beneficial to you and help you organize Gmail inbox. If you have some more tips you can share with us.