Outlook Vs Gmail – An Email Service War for the Best

Email is extensively popular as a form of business communication. Most of the people consider it highly effective communication tool for all kind of communication.Internet connection is essential for email usage. Approximately more than half of the population of the world is using email system and those are illiterate are dependent on others to send and receive emails. Email service has become a necessary part of our lives as our massive amount of time is being spent on reading emails and replying them.

Generally, there are many email service providers in the market such as Gmail, Outlook, Rediff mail, yahoo, iCloud Mail, webmail etc. But the two biggest email service providers are Google and Microsoft Outlook. So, in this article, we would examine the best email service provider from Outlook Vs Gmail. So let’s have a look at the important factors that assist us in analysis both email servers.

Outlook Vs Gmail – Let’s Break the Ice


Outlook was released in the market as a part of Microsoft Office in late 1997. Some people might not have used Outlook as MS Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint is more dominating in MS Office suit. Those who have not used Outlook, asks that What is Outlook? So for those, the answer is simple that it is an email client used by several people. It took years to establish a good reputation in the market. It also migrated all Hotmail users to Outlook. The developers of Outlook are Microsoft Corporation and the founder of it is Bill Gates.

Gmail was launched for public in 2004. It is a type of webmail which is used by a huge number of people for personal, professional communication, and for marketing usage. Gmail is the first application on Google Play Store that hit one billion installations on Android devices in the year 2014. With labels, robust filters features, Gmail successfully made its position in the market.The owner of the Gmail is Google. Gmail was created by Paul Buchheit.


Gmail has Google bar on top, there are personalized advertisements as well so it may seem creepy. Whereas Outlook’s interface contains only the email and generic advertisements which seem to be less creepy than Gmail. has been inspired by Gmail’s look and then Outlook is taken to next level.

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Storage Space and Attachments

Gmail gives you 15 GB of storage with attachments up to 25 MB per email but this counts on Gmail only, however Google recently offered unlimited storage of photos, files on Google Drive. More storage can be bought by Google if needed.

There is uncertainty on the storage of Outlook as some say it offers unlimited while some complain that they might have exceeded the limit of 5 MB that’s why they aren’t receiving more emails. Well, if you have a subscription to Office 365 package then you can get 1 TB storage for all Microsoft products.Send Attachments in Outlook are up to 10 MB.

Organization (Labels, Searches, and Folders)

Gmail has Labels feature (a combination of tags and folders), you can set automatic filters to labels and inboxes. An additional feature is priority inbox, which pretty accurately and automatically figures out which email actually matters and places them in a separate section.Gmail has a good feature named search box which is on the top of the head, you find any particular mail by searching it instead of clicking on next button or scrolling the whole page.

Create a to-do list with Gmail, add independent tasks, you can also add emails messages to your task list and then tasks with dates will appear in your Google Calendar.

Outlook’s organization somewhat is similar to Gmail’s with feature like ‘Sweep’ which almost but not quite works like labels in Gmail. Outlook has traditional structure of folders and has categories instead of labels like Gmail has. It automatically tags some messages with category names including Newsletters, Photos, Documents, etc. Outlook also has search facilities similar to Gmail.

Outlook also has this feature to create a to-do list by adding independent tasks, create tasks from emails and it will appear with dates in Outlook Calender.


Single Google account allows you to access all Google services. Whereas if you have decided to go for Outlook, it obviously needs separate login for all services.Gmail allows you to add your Gmail account to any number of third party email programs like Apple mail, Mozilla thunderbird and with smartphone email apps. Well, you can do the same with Outlook but through a protocol POP access only. Basically, this means that the changes made using the 3rd party email program won’t synchronize to the mail server. While Gmail supports POP and IMAP as well. IMAP syncs everything both ways.

On being setting up Gmail accounts and on Thunderbird, Gmail appeared to be faster in retrieving email and folders than Outlook.

In beginning Outlook was accessible from the computer where it was installed, on the other hand, Gmail could be and can be accessed from any computer with internet access through web browsers at Well, Outlook has improved so now, it is also accessible from any PC with internet access through web browsers at

With the enhancement of technology both the email services are available in app forms and can be accessed via mobile phones as well.

Extensions and Integrations

Google integrates Gmail with Google+ on social media, with Google Doc, Spread-Sheet, Play Store.Users can enable certain features within Gmail that works good and these features are counted as part of Google labs. With Google Docs you can easily check the pdf or any kind of attachment either it is a photo or Doc file and the most interesting part is that you wouldn’t need to download the file to check that what it contains, you can read the file by just clicking on it. Google also supports multi-sign in.

Outlook wasn’t quick in starting extensions party. It integrates Outlook with OneDrive.It doesn’t support multi-sign-on like Gmail.

Email Management, Spam, and Filters

Spam filtering system works effectively. Gmail removes 99.9% risk of malware through virus checking system. You must have noticed it that whenever you get an attachment in Gmail, it takes some time to download as it first checks for the virus. Google constantly updates some anti-malware software. It scans all the incoming emails, annoying emails are kept outside of inbox. You can configure the inbox by selecting more tabs to enable or remove some. It has five tabs including primary, social, promotions, updates, and forums. It has Gmail Contact Page where you can see that how many email addresses are added to your account and you can remove some from there or add new.

In Gmail you have two options to clean your inbox, one is to delete your emails and second to move some emails into archive box. Archiving removes emails from primary inbox so that you can make your inbox clutter-free. Although, you can find those emails whenever you need them as they stay in your account.

Mark Important emails in Gmail with Star or with importance marker. Gmail has two ways to mark your importance emails. You can click on the star which is next to an email so that you can easily get it. Then in the left menu, click ‘Starred’ to list your all-important emails. Well, you can remove the star, in case you don’t need it later. You can also click on importance marker to mark it as an important email and Gmail itself will put it in important emails list, if you do so.’s spam filtering is less sophisticated. It has a feature called Sweep that puts it ahead of Gmail. Junk Email Filter is specially designed to put all the junk email messages to this folder. It has Contact addresses page you can add a new email address or remove last ones.

Outlook has one way to clean your inbox and that is deleting emails. It doesn’t have other alternate to clean the inbox like Gmail has.

In Outlook, you can mark your important emails by marking with a flag on email.

Final Verdict – OutLook Vs Gmail

Overall, features of Gmail are dominating over in every aspect since Outlook doesn’t have enough killers features to beat Gmail in the competition of Gmail Vs Outlook. So the winner is Gmail in the battle of Outlook Vs Gmail. Since it is easy to search for any email in Gmail, has been integrated more tightly with Office Online. Gmail service one of the most loved email services.