Oxygen OS Features

Android has always been known for the customization and freedom that it offers to its users. Although iOS and Windows users have started coming up with different customization features, but android no doubt is the ultimate winner. Though android itself provides a lot of customization, wonder what if you get even more customization and features. A lot of companies these days are coming up with their own operating systems for a lot of positive reasons. One such operating system that we’ll be talking about today is the Oxygen OS, developed and released recently by a Chinese mobile manufacturer company, OnePlus. Let us now have a look at Oxygen OS features and see what new the company have come up with.

Oxygen OS Features

Everybody loves customization, be it an iOS, be it an android or be it a Windows user. Oxygen OS basically is a customized version of Android which facilitates its users with some cool and interesting customization features. Some of the features of this operating system are quite good, whereas there are some minor tweaks associated. Let us now have a look at some of its features that makes it different from other operating systems.

Icon Packs

To be honest, the stock android icons have now become uninteresting and dull for the people who’ve been on Android for a while. Although there are a lot of icon packs and themes available in the Play Store but most of them are poorly optimized. Oxygen OS has come up with a new feature which lets you change the icon packs and apply themes of your choice. This inbuilt feature will let you install packs and themes and customize them in the launcher itself. Here’s the process of applying a new theme and icon pack to your Oxygen OS:

  1. Install a new theme and an icon pack. Also, there are some themes and packs that are provided by the OS itself, you can either go for them or install new ones.
  2. Select settings by pressing the frequent app button for long.
  3. Apply the theme. Not all the themes will be compatible, but most will.
  4. Now customize it the way you want. Also, you can customize the grid layout of the app drawer and make it 6×5/4×3 as per your wish.

The Shelf

The shelf is basically a panel that gives you quick access to the frequently used apps and contacts. You get this feature on your screen by swiping to the left. This feature can be enabled or disabled by pressing on the home screen for long, then settings and then enable/disable. You can also add widgets and change the header image as per your wish. You won’t have to add the apps in the panel manually, they’ll be added automatically on the basis of how frequently the app is used.

Customizable Capacitive Keys

This is one of the best features of the Oxygen OS. OnePlus 2 like any other phone has three buttons:- Home (the fingerprint sensor one), Back and Multitasking. You can customize all the three keys in a lot of ways such as swapping their positions and changing/assigning their actions. For example, you want the home button to open camera (like the galaxy S6), you can easily do that. Not only this, you can even use double tap and long press for performing whatever actions you want to. Also, if you’re someone who hates the capacitive keys, you can disable them by going to settings, then buttons and then disable.

LED Notifications

This feature allows you to customize the colour of your LED notifications. You get four instances- Global notification, battery full, battery charging and battery low (When it is lower than 5%). You get 8 different colours to choose from, you can also assign same colour for different instances.

The Dark Theme

This feature mainly is for the people who use their mobile in the night or dark. You now won’t have to worry about your eyes anymore. This feature disables all the white background and replaces it with black. You can also choose the accent colour of your wish from the provided 8 colours. Although Google has recently teased this feature, but will only be available in the Android M preview. So if you’re someone who owns a OnePlus 2, you won’t have to wait for Android M and can use it right away.