Top Apps for Students to Keep Pace in Academics

Today’s students need more than the traditional education from colleges and schools. The students need more information, tutorials, practicals and experience than just sitting in the class the hearing the boring lectures. Here, the technology comes to your help. Nowadays, every student has a smartphone in his hand. The smartphone can help students to get proper help in their educational journey. It doesn’t matter if he/she is in School or College, the Smartphone can assist them to study carefully with the help of top apps for students.

The Smartphone apps for students help them to make most of the smartphone power. The smartphone is the best thing using which students can learn, teach and experience various things. In this post, I am sharing some of the best Smartphone apps for Students, which can be used to take notes, store videos, and lectures, finding and downloading the various educational courses and other numerous applications. So, here are some of the top apps for students which may help them in any point of their education.

Top Smartphone Apps for Students


Want to build better vocabulary for perfect conversations with friends? Then you should check out the’s App. With this app, you can check the definitions and meanings of any word in The English language. If you are a not a native English speaker, then this app is a goldmine for you. With this app, you can check the meaning of any word, spell-check your work, and build your vocabulary over the time. This app is available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone platform.

2. Evernote

Taking notes while you’re in lecture is must thing every student do. But it’ll be difficult if you don’t have proper resources to take notes. Even if you don’t carry Pen and Notebook, you carry Smartphone with yourself, and I can bet my life on that. So, installing Evernote app on your smartphone helps you very much to take notes and save them for future references. Taking notes from lectures, noting down the ideas came while brainstorming, and doing other things is very easy with this app. The Evernote app is available on most of the smartphone platforms, i.e. Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices.

3. Dropbox

Saving the necessary course material and videos on the local storage of your computer or the smartphone is not so good for your storage space. You can lose the important lectures, courses and videos if your hard disk crashes. So, the easiest way to save the Course material and videos is the Dropbox. It is the Cloud storage service which is free with a limited storage option. The Dropbox apps are available on Android, iOS, and Windows phone.

4. Studious 

It is one of the most interesting apps for students. This app helps students to get reminders about the lectures, exams and other things which they’ve to do. For that, user has to input the data first and then Studious app will remind the user about the event. Students can enter the data about lectures in college, and the Studious app will tell students about the lectures they’ve to attend on the time. If you are not good at memorizing the timetable, then it is must have an app on your smartphone.

5. Smart Voice Recorder

If you want to record the important lecture to listen to it carefully in spare time, then Smart Voice Recorder helps you to do the task efficiently. As the name suggests, it is the “Smart” recorder. When you are recording the lecture and professor takes the 2-minute pause, then the app stops recording the lecture to save the valuable storage space on your smartphone.

6. Scribd 

The Scribd is the heaven of PDF books. The Scribd contains more than 500,000 books and documents from noted publishers. Scribd provides the important books related to all field of study. The books and documents on Scribd are shared by users all over the world so that you can find the useful books and content from various international sources. With Scribd, you can create your library and share the notes and books with other users.

7. TED 

Need to learn about the things which are not in college or school syllabus? Then you should check out the TED app. On TED Talk Shows, the famous and popular persons share their life stories, which are no less than educational power hub. Hearing the life experiences of popular and successful people teaches you a lot of things. Listening to the talk of Businessmen, Experts, Educators, Actors and many other experienced people helps you to open up your mind. It is the must-have the smartphone app for Students.

8. DuoLingo

Language learners are in love with this smartphone app. If you are a Arts or Language student, then DuoLingo app is a mini-university for you. The DuoLingo is an app to learn various languages. This app can help students to acquire expertise in different languages and languages they want to learn. The College students who are learning Languages in their course are advised to install this App immediately on their smartphones.


Most of the times, College students burn out the pocket money before the end of the month. Having no cash in the month end is the worst thing that can happen with any Student. To monitor and control the excessive cash burning, the app helps you. With app, you can track your expenses and avoid unnecessary costs for saving the money.

10. Snap2PDF 

It’s an important smartphone app for students. The Snap2PDF apps help students to convert any picture into PDF file. The importance of taking notes for students is known. So, the Students can take photos of the notes taken by their friends and convert the picture into a PDF file. The PDF file with important notes is useful for students.

Top Apps for Students – Verdict

The Smartphone is the most useful invention made by humans. There are many misuses of it, but the number of uses is more than misuses. These Smartphone apps for students are most important apps that help them in doing their college work and study. These apps make the school-College experience of Students much better.

Many apps are waiting for students to download and use. You can find them on respective App Store of your smartphone platform. Download, Install and make use of these apps in doing your homework and studying hard to achieve your dreams.